Our Story

Hosa Belaku literally means New Dawn in Kannada. Since our inception in 2017, we have had but one mission – to usher in a new dawn of hope, dignity and financial stability into the lives of the villagers of the remote villages of the Kanakpura Taluk of Karnataka. Socially and economically disadvantaged women, people with disabilities, and women supporting family members with disabilities have been our prime focus. We have managed to gainfully employ 22 such members and ensure them a steady, uninterrupted  livelihood and hence a decent and dignified standard of  living. We  have  currently three operational groups – Kirana, Deepa and Ushe in the villages of Kadahalli, Halasuru and Achalu that are trained in various vocational and artistic skills. From sewing, embroidery, crochet, macramé to dyeing, painting, block printing to paper making and paper weaving and jewelry making ,these artisans have been mastering various artistic skills and producing some of the finest handmade artefacts. 
We hope to increase the number of lives touched by Hosa Belaku Artisans’ Foundation and train and support more artisans in the ensuing years.

Our Mission

Empowering rural women surviving socio-economic abuse, persons with disabilities and their family members to earn a decent livelihood working from their home locations through hand made products

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Our Vision

A minimum of 100 Women living in distress, Persons with disabilities and their family members are engaged productively and leading a life of dignity by earning a decent livelihood through handmade products during their spare time by 2022