Hosa Belaku Artisans' Foundation

Working Towards a Brighter Future


Who We Are

Here at Hosa Belaku Artisans' Foundation, what we value most are those self-effacing  smiles on the faces of the artisans as they temporarily forget their dire  problems and enjoy the process of creating  artistic and original products . They  come out of their shells to  share  laughs with co-workers and establish firm relationships with other helpers.  We believe in engaging and leveraging,  the skill of  every artisan we work with..., in doing so, we create a circle of ‘ new light’ that throws many lives together in a net of   true  transformation . We are beholden to our guiding lamps .. to our undeterred workers who not only shine to make their  homes glow but teach our rural communities the credo of “ Atmanirbharta”!

"There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women."

Kofi Annan

Our Three Pillars



A Ray of Hope


A Lamp in The Darkness



A New Beginning